Winter Mania !

The temperatures in Cape Town have taken a real dip and the winter chill can be felt through two jackets and two pants! BUT if the weather gives a window of opportunity to fish, then so be it!

The reconnaissance team took their intel and gave due feedback as to the target area and species to be hunted! We head to our usual hunting grounds, Mnandi!  We look at the water and you can practically see the fish in the water!! The water is an ideal Ginger Beer colour and everything looks perfect, with a rapidly dropping barometer we need to get to our spot ASAP.

Wind was a moderate North Westerly, High Tide 16:41, Low Tide 22:52, Sunset 17:50, Moonrise 20:00 and Moonset 08:52.

We march towards our designated hunting grounds and we see one of our local friends, Phillip AKA Fly and his son Furl in the distance, Phillip does a dash for his rod and plays the fish carefully, we can see it’s a decent fish but will the hooks pull ?!! In the distance we see the glittering piece of platinum, Phillip struck white gold! In actual fact, it was a White Steenbras doing a nose dance on the sand!!!











Excitement reaches fever pitch and I decide to setup a few meters away from Phillip while the rest of the crew march on. Since there wasn’t any strong rip current, I decided to use a light weight pyramid sinker with a bloodworm as bait. My rod remains resolute, only gently bobbing to the light breeze coming from behind. All the while Phillip is getting enquiry after enquiry! He’s definitely doing something right! On closer inspection and interrogation Phillip finally tells me that he’s using live Moonshine worm as bait!

Damn! He’s got the Da Vinci Code figured out!!  I decide to move on and hunt those elusive winter cob!

Rigged with fresh fish bait, prawn, chokka and bloodworm I head for deeper water, the most likely spot to target Cob.

Haroun is the first to get an enquiry, reel screaming as line gets peeled off the reel, and it looks like it’s a BIG Cob! This fish isn’t going to give up so easily, the fish dives deep and heads for the reefs a short but one way battle ensues and the fish comes a few meters when the hooks pull!!  Missed the bugger!


Next on the list was Makes, he gets a pick-up of note and plays the fish till the first breaker when what looks like a badly constructed knot parts and loses the fish in the first breaker! We could see the silhouette of the fish but that was all that we would get to see of that fish!! All this action took place just as the sun was setting but the receding tide is in our disfavour. We get a few minor enquiries from peckers but no big fish.











We get to the parking lot and we get reports of my friend landing a 16Kg Cob closer to Beespens!!

At least there’s some big fish in our waters and it will only be a matter of time before I post some decent Cob pictures!

Tight Lines till next time…



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2 Responses to “Winter Mania !”

  1. Razeen Baboo
    July 6, 2012 at 10:42 #

    Shot mooi report, pity about loosing the fish. Next time they might not be so lucky

    • Riyaad Mohidin
      July 6, 2012 at 10:58 #

      I’m going to try and get the pics of that beast landed last night :)

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